Endodontic Dentistry Root Canal

Common Reasons for Root Canals

  • A tooth has become abscessed (infected) from decay.
  • If a tooth is chipped or broken it can result in the exposure of the nerve
  • Aging teeth that are slowly failing may need a root canal therapy
  • Tooth decay has reached the nerve, penetrating through the enamel and then the dentine in the Root canal therapy is a treatment with a high level of success. Most patients who have RCT experience little or no discomfort and, with proper care and routine check-ups with Suave Dental, you can enjoy a restored tooth for many years to come.

Root Canal Therapy

A “root canal” is where the tooth’s nerve and pulp are contained. Sometimes, if a tooth is damaged or infected, the nerve can be impacted and must be removed. To do this, Suave Dental will take a very fine file to enter the canal and remove the nerve and pulp. This is known as “root canal therapy” is used to save teeth that might otherwise have to be extracted. In some instances, a crown is placed on the tooth after this procedure to provide strength and help avoid future problems.

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